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white water Kayak improver


White Water Kayak Course Scotland:

White Water Improver (kayak)



So you have been on a introduction to white water course or equivalent and really want to hone those skills. This course covers a finer understanding of the three dimentional nature of the river in relation to efficient movement, river safety, being a constructive member of a group all whilst getting time on the water to control your movements through, across and against the white water.




Recommended Reading:



White Water by Olli Grau

Canoe and Kayak Handbook by the British Canoe Association

Coaching Handbook by the British Canoe Association



Scottish White Water by the Scottish Canoe Association


To understand the movement of the water (Morphology)

Kayak by William Kneally 


all available here



To book Accommodation please see our recommended venues here
To view the venues used and clothing / equipment you are required to bring please see here



Please bear in mind that if this course does not fit your exact requirements or ideal date please feel free to contact the office who will be happy to arrange the perfect course and suitable date for you.



Course Cost


2 Day    £150


5 Day    £340



Course Dates


For all course dates please contact the office here

Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority Institute for Outdoor Learning

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