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make a canoe paddle


Open Canoe Course Scotland:

Make a canoe paddle



Pete is a qualified cabinetmaker and keen outdoorsman. He has spent his life creating beautiful pieces of art for the rest of us to use. His pieces are all bespoke and of the highest quality. This transposes into Pete’s creations to paddles. For an opportunity to learn how to and make your own paddle in Pete’s workshop just sign up and bring enough of your chosen material (pine recommended for the first paddle).



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To view the venues used and clothing / equipment you are required to bring please contact us.


Please bear in mind that if this course does not fit your exact requirements or ideal date please feel free to contact the office who will be happy to arrange the perfect course and suitable date for you.


Course Cost:


2 Day






Course Dates:

To Be Confirmed


Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority Institute for Outdoor Learning

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