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Source Adventure

environmental aims


Environmental Aims of Source Adventure.


1. We strive to only purchase equipment made in the UK, reducing the transportation and carbon cost.


2. We try to encourage our clients to use the notice board and car share if coming from a similar area.


3. We provide a free pick up service from and to bus stops within a 15 mile radius of Aberfeldy.


4. We provide a free pick up service from Dunkeld Train Station.


5. We are aware we cannot be 100% Carbon Neutral but strive to reduce our usage where possible. To help this  we also donate a percentage of our yearly profits to various tree planting charities trying to replant and reintroduce native species to Scotland.


6. if you think there is more we could do please get i touch as we would love to hear your ideas.





Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority Institute for Outdoor Learning

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