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Open Canoe - intro to paddlesport


Open Canoe Course Scotland:

Intro to Paddlesport (Canoe)


This Course is designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of your chosen sport: how to use your body appropriately, efficiency of movement, water confidence and most of all to enjoy being in your choice of craft! A popular course with those looking to, or have just have bought a New Boat.


 The Course is aimed to give you a strong foundation of knowledge about "Canoeing". It will focus on your chosen craft for 2/3 of the time, covering topics such as:


Safety of Self and Others within your Group and Appropriate Route Choices

How to Use Your Body Appropriately

Efficiency of Movement

Water Confidence including Rescue Simulations

Moving you Forward in your Understanding of the Dynamics required to Move your Craft. 


the last 1/3 of the course will look at other disciplines of "Canoeing" Inland Kayak, Sea kayak or Open Canoe. To give you a fully rounded experience.



The course comes in One /  Two / Three / and Five day options. Obvoiusly the longer we are with you the more you can take away.


The One day course covers the fundamental skills on flat water purely in a Canoe. However you may be joined on this course by participants in other craft.


THe Two day course covers the fundamental skills but looks more specifically at where you are looking to take the Canoe in future i.e. moving water or expeditions.


The Three day course starts to look at rescue equipment and the beginnings of moving on Flow.


The Five day course looks at progressing your rescue skills to aid others and equipment used alongside developing you into a white water padder. With an understanding of reading and understanding the rapids. A full day is also spent in a different discipline so you can broaden your paddling horizons.



To book Accommodation please see our recommended venues here 

To view the venues used and clothing / equipment you are required to bring please see here



Recommended Reading:


Canoe and Kayak Handbook by British Canoe Union

Paddle your own Canoe by Gary and Joanie McGuffin

Path of the paddle by Bill Mason


all available here



Please bear in mind that if this course does not fit your exact requirements or ideal date please feel free to contact the office who will be happy to arrange the perfect course and suitable date for you.



Course Cost:


1 Day    £75pp


2 Day    £150pp


3 Day    £210pp


5 Day    £340pp




Course Dates:


For all current dates please contact the office here



Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority Institute for Outdoor Learning

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