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Scottish Open Canoe Trips:

Canoeing on the River Spey 



Some say that when it occasionally rains in Scotland that it is just pre distilled whisky!


So a trip in the heart of Whisky country means a glorious paddle down one of the classic rivers of Scotland whatever the weather!



The Spey truly is a classic as it offers the canoeist all that a river can:


meandering tree lined sections of calm water, An abundance of nature and heritage, wide open arable vista's, fine continuous white water but only ever up to grade two, including small technical rapids and the "washing machine" offering rolling waves. The river has a final treat as it connects with the Sea at Spey Bay.



This River and Source offer you a multitude of options!



A Two Day Whisky Tasting Descent from Granton on Spey to Charlston or Aberlour. The weekend offers the the opportunity to complete the whisky cycle: Open Canoeing on the material, touring the site of the waters distillation process, have a small evening sample and back again into the rapids in the Canoe!



A Three Day Descent from Aviemore to Craigellachie.  Camping at Boat of Ballieforth and  Blackboats before passing under the Craigellachie bridge to finish.

This trip demands prior experience (4 days in either canoe or kayak) due to the continuous nature of the rapids and a moderate level of fitness as the days often are  full of paddling activity. If your not sure how this relates to you please contact the office who will be pleased to help and offer advice.



A Four Day Descent again starting in Aviemore but this time completing the river finishing in the sea at Spey Bay! Camping at Boat of Ballieforth, Blackboats and Boat O' Fiddich. As the three day option described this trip also requires a moderate level of fitness and prior canoe / kayak experience. If your not sure how this relates to you please contact the office who will be pleased to help and offer advice.



Recommended reading for this expedition:


Scottish Canoe Classics by Eddie Palmer


Available to purchase here



Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority Institute for Outdoor Learning

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