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White Water Rafting on the River Tay



River Tay (Grade 2/3) 
Year round, min age. 10yrs when lower, 16+ yrs when high. 

The River Tay provides the ideal intoduction to rafting though in high water can still provide an adrenalin buzz. The 8 mile stretch offers the chance to learn the fundamentals of paddling before the crescendo of the whitewater slalom course at the end of the run.



All transport to/from our centre is included.
White Water Rafting provides a fantastic half day activity and is ideally suited as part of a Multi-Activity Day.



To book Accommodation please see our recommended venues here
To view the venues used and clothing / equipment you are required to bring please see here



Please bear in mind that if this course does not fit your exact requirements or ideal date please feel free to contact the office who will be happy to arrange the perfect course and suitable date for you.



All equipment is provided so please ignore any hire and sizing information within the booking form


Course Cost:


Half Day





Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority Institute for Outdoor Learning

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